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Monthly Archives: February 2018

    Quick Tips to Entice Buyers When You Are Ready to Sell Your Home

    By Dawn Wiese | February 6, 2018

    While looking at homes for sale, Green Bay buyers are looking for a number of features. When you are working to sell real estate, you want to make sure that your home appeals to as many buyers as possible. Make sure to consult with your real estate agent to get expert advice on what you... Read More

    Take Advantage of Your Staircase to Enhance Your Home

    By Dawn Wiese | February 4, 2018

    The stairs are often neglected when you remodel because you just do not think about them. However, your staircase has the potential to be a major focal point in your home. Since the stairs are such a small area, you can get creative. Green Bay realtors will tell you that the key is to opt... Read More

    Information about Monitoring Your Septic System

    By Dawn Wiese | February 3, 2018

    When it comes to real estate, Green Bay, WI buyers expect a house in excellent condition. So, you have to keep an eye on your septic system and make sure that you are performing the right routine maintenance. When you are properly maintaining and monitoring your septic system, you are working to prolong its life... Read More

    Picking the Perfect Pipes: PVC vs. ABS

    By Dawn Wiese | February 2, 2018

    When it comes to homes for sale, Green Bay, WI sellers want to ensure that all elements of their home are in tip top shape. If your plumbing is older or faulty this has to be fixed, and one of the first decisions you have to make concerns the material of the piping. There are... Read More

    Cool Curb Appeal Ideas to Complement Your Metal Front Door

    By Dawn Wiese | February 1, 2018

    A metal door works with an array of decorative schemes, making it simple to find the best curb appeal to complement it for your Green Bay, WI, real estate. The key is knowing the style you prefer most so that your landscape and other elements give off the right vibe. There are numerous options, so... Read More