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Monthly Archives: October 2019

    Tips for Painting a Home to Sell

    By Dawn Wiese | October 2, 2019

    Here’s Why Staging a Home Matters When preparing to sell a condo, house or other types of real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin, many people wonder whether or not it is worth it to invest in www. In fact, when done right, staging can go a long way to not only ensure that... Read More

    4 Key Signs It is Time to Start Looking for Homes for Sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin

    By Dawn Wiese | October 2, 2019

    Moving is a big deal, and it is certainly not the type of decision that anybody is likely to take lightly, especially when it comes to the prospect of combing through all those homes for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin. After all, acquiring new property and taking on a mortgage is a big... Read More

    Smart Ways to Boost the Property Value of a House

    By Dawn Wiese | October 2, 2019

    Budgeting and Planning for an Upgrade Anybody who is considering selling their house in the future might be interested in doing some upgrades to the property before they put it on the market. That said, depending on the extent of work that homeowners are willing to undertake, improvements can sometimes end up being costly, so... Read More