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3 Effective Renovations That Can Boost Your Home’s Value When Selling

Selling your home is not always an easy task. Not everyone will be interested in your property, which is why you must be working with a real estate team in Green Bay and N.E. WI. They will help you list your house for sale and will bring in buyers and help get it sold when and for how much you want. If you are currently thinking of selling your home, you need to think about ways to make your home stand out amongst the other homes for sale in Green Bay and N.E. WI. With a bit of sprucing up, you can raise your house price.

Simple renovations are an effective way to increase the value of your home. Things like scratched walls and broken floorboards can deter potential buyers, so you want to make sure that you are performing regular upkeep and maintenance so that your home is in tip-top shape when it comes to selling. If you are working with a Green Bay and N.E. WI, real estate team, they may have some ideas to get your home sold quickly, and it may include a few simple renovations. Here you will find three effective improvements that could potentially get you much more money on the market. Think of these renovations as investments as the money you make back from selling your home will be much higher.

Replace Flooring

Flooring is a reasonably easy renovation that you can have done without breaking the bank. While some materials will be more expensive than others, you are bound to make this money back when you sell your home.

Flooring makes a significant impact on your home’s visual appeal, and it is one of the first things that potential buyers notice when they walk in a house. When a home has hardwood flooring, a realtor will be able to look at it and price your home for much higher than if you have old carpet or vinyl. Some of the best areas to replace the flooring is in the foyer, dining room, bedrooms, and living room. As these are the primary spaces that people will be frequenting on home tours, it will raise your likeability among prospective buyers.

If some floor in your home has already been redone, consider tackling other areas that have been neglected. It is common for people to leave their bathroom floor untouched for many years, and it is one area that can look transformed with a simple re-tiling. Make sure that you pick something fresh and modern to appeal to a wide range of buyers. The real estate teams in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin are typically excellent at knowing which areas of your home require a renovation. You can speak to them once you become a client.

Update Fixtures

Throughout your home, primarily in the bathrooms and kitchen, the cabinetry is equipped with different metalware and fixtures that can often become worn and dated. Additionally, the faucets and lighting within your home’s various rooms may no longer be in style, in which case you could benefit from updating them. These are usually easy fixes that don’t cost very much money, but they can have incredible effects. You may even want to consider adding pot lights or new countertops to the kitchen and bathrooms if they are old and marked up.

Depending on the age of your home, these renovations are totally up to you. Make sure that whatever you pick, it goes with your home’s style so that there is a cohesive design throughout. Pulling everything together using fixtures is an easy and efficient way to make your home feel whole. Potential buyers will be happy to see this work done as it means they won’t have to be doing it once they move in. There are several realtors in Green Bay and N.E. WI, that you can work with to make this process go a whole lot smoother. They may feel only some features need to be updated, which can be beneficial, so you don’t have to do a complete reno.

Add an Income Suite

Do you have a basement with a bathroom and kitchen area? Have you thought about installing one? Making an apartment-style unit within your household with a separate entry is one of the most effective ways to boost your home’s value. You can rent out this part of your home, and potential buyers will be very attracted to this as the money made from the renters can be used to pay part of the mortgage. Depending on your home’s layout and size, it may be more challenging to add an income suite, but remember, it does not have to be significant. You can tailor the price based on size. For people living in urban areas, these rentals can be trendy, and you can often get a high amount of rent for even a studio-sized apartment. When you are working with your realtor, you can speak to them about the possibilities of creating an income suite in your home. While it may seem challenging, it is much more straightforward than you would think.

No matter where or when you are selling your home, if you take the time and spend a bit of money performing these renovations to your home, you will increase in value. By replacing the flooring with hardwood or tile, you make the home more desirable to potential buyers. Simple fixes to fixtures throughout your home will tie together the overall style creating a cohesive look. If you have space and money, build an income suite as it is a sure way to attract new buyers. In no time, your house will be sold above asking.

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