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Advanced Moving Checklist: A Simple Guide to Planning a Move

Moving is hardly on anybody’s list of favorite activities, but when it comes to locking down the ideal piece of real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin, this final hurdle standing in the way of moving onward and upward is more than worth the effect.

One of the main reasons that moving gets a bad rap is because there is a common tendency to try to do everything in the last couple of weeks, by which time things are bound to get hectic. With so many wonderful homes for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin, there is no reason that the idea of moving should be standing in anybody’s way of locking in the best-suited piece of real estate in Green Bay in N.E. Wisconsin.

As such, this handy guide is going to break that big move down into an approachable checklist that can be started two months in advance. After all, the best way to tackle a big project is in small approachable bites, and by sticking to this list, the final transition to that new piece of real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin should go as smooth as silk.

Two Months in Advance

1. Organize and Purge

Don’t leave decluttering to the last minute. Now is the perfect time to start getting all those ducks in a row in terms of what will stay and what will go. While sorting through everything, be sure to start listing any keeper items that might require extra attention, like insurance or specialized packing.

2. Start Researching

No two moving companies are alike, and those wanting to secure the most reputable services will want to be sure to book well in advance.

Start by doing some online research to find out who has the best reviews. Once the top picks are narrowed down, start comparing prices and learning about the specific services and packages they offer. It is important that a moving company is not just a good deal, but also a good fit for the job.

Now, call up the remaining candidates to obtain official USDOT estimates.

3. Start a Dedicated Moving Folder

There are a lot of documents associated with moving, and knowing where to find them is key when dealing with a chaotic environment. Use this folder to store everything from personal checklists to invoices to estimates to inventories.

4. Arrange for Transfer of Any Relevant Records

For anybody switching neighborhoods, towns or states will also need to arrange for their records to be transferred over to their new location.

The first priority is school records; after that, contract dentists, veterinarians, medical providers or any other relevant facility to arrange to transfer all relevant information to a new local provider. Be sure to obtain personal copies of this information as well, lest it gets lost in transit.

Six Weeks in Advance

1. Stock Up On Supplies

Don’t wait until the move is already underway to rush out and grab supplies. Order them now instead to ensure they will arrive on time. Go-to materials include tape, tape guns, packing material, permanent markers, and of course, boxes.

For those wanting to reuse or recycle boxes, start asking around local businesses or check the areas around popular dumpsters around the start of the month.

2. Use Up Extra Stuff

Those extra bottles of shampoo, those jars that have been shitting in the back of the fridge, and all those myriad freezer items are better used up now than dragged along for the move, so stop buying new stuff and start focusing on using up what is already kicking around instead.

3. Record Relevant Measurements

Start by getting all the room dimensions for that new Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin real estate, and then start measuring up existing pieces of larger furniture to make sure that they will fit through the entranceways and work with dimensions of the space.

Draw out a visual document and plan out the major furnishings accordingly.

One Month in Advance

1. Book the Moving Company

After having time to consider the options, now is the time to go ahead and book a moving company as well as confirming any relevant details. Be sure to get all important information like prices, dates, and services confirmed in writing.

2. Start Packing

Start going through cupboards, closets, basements, and spare rooms that tend to contain items that don’t get a lot of use. These are the things that can be packed up well in advance.

Any items that are valued over $100 a pound should be recorded in writing so that they can be insured and tracked. Meanwhile, number each box and label the room and contents. Valuable items should be separated out and added to a safe or secure packing box. The same goes for important files or essential information like the mover’s estimate.

Make sure essential items like passports and tax documents are all properly packed and ready to go.

3. Change the Address

Start by heading to the local postal office and filling out an official change of address form, and then follow up with relevant providers like Internet companies, cell providers, financial institutions, or any other services. Most of the latter can be easily done online.

Two Weeks in Advance

1. Book Time Off Work or Give Notice

Nobody wants to be working on the day of their move. Now is the time to book the day off. For those planning on switching jobs, this is the opportune moment to give two-weeks notice. Be sure to take this step in advance if some time off will be needed to prepare for the move as well.

2. Tune Up the Vehicles

Any vehicles that will be coming along should be tuned up before the journey, even if it is just a short trip. The last thing people want to be dealing with on moving day is a breakdown.

3. Switch Out the Safety Deposit Box

Anybody planning on changing banks will want to empty their safety deposit box well in advance, so the contents are safely and securely packed for the move.

4. Reconfirm Moving Arrangements

Give the moving company a quick call to make sure everything is still on track.

The Takeaway

When it comes to getting a move done right, the early bird really does get the worm. By following this handy guide and taking these important preparatory steps well in advance, there will be a lot less to worry about when those crucial weeks leading up to the move finally arrive.

Remember, when it comes to finding that dream piece of real estate, professional realtors in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin know how to get their clients the best results, so be sure to call one up today to find out more.

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