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Affordable Kitchen Staging Ideas

Home is where the heart is, and the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Simply put, a kitchen is a lot more than just the place where the cooking happens. It is not only one of the central focal points of any floorplan, but it is also a room that holds strong emotional ties. It is a gathering place for friends and family, it is a workspace and it is a wonderful place to wind down and relax after a long day at work.

Keeping all this in mind, Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin realtors know just how far a little kitchen staging can go when it comes to making a lasting impression on potential buyers. Keep in mind that when it comes to kitchen staging, less is more. It is all about finding those items that hit the right notes both on an emotional and practical level. When a kitchen is well-staged, it will open up the imaginative and design potential for the space while adding a comforting splash of warmth, color and familiarity.

One of the coolest things about kitchen staging is that it can be very affordable to execute well. This means that there is no reason not to add a few welcoming features, especially when staging is so effective in terms of helping sellers secure the deal that they really want on their real estate in Green Bay and N.E Wisconsin.

So what are some helpful tips to creating the type of kitchen backdrop that will really help set the right mood for selling that Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin real estate? Be sure to read on to find out.

Less Is More

When it comes to properly staging the kitchen for that real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin, less is always more.

There are few things more visually unappealing than clutter, and having too many objects sprawled out across the countertops will actually detract from some of the best features of the kitchen itself, making the countertops look smaller, the wall space looks more limited while pulling the gaze off the cabinets and appliances and toward items that are irrelevant to the buyer. Hang a frying pan and cooking utensils in easy reach of the stove, neatly fold a freshly laundered tea towel over the oven handle or leave a high-quality knife collection and their elegant wooden knife box out on display.

Essentially, the key here is to shoot for quantity over quality. Start by doing a big sweep, removing all unnecessary visual objects, from bread boxes to fridge magnets to brooms and extra dish towels. Now, using this stockpile of stuff, choose some things that would make it look easy to walk into the room and cook while still giving the impression that most things are tucked safely away in the more than ample storage space.

On that note, be sure to avoid just tossing everything in the cupboards either. The inside of storage areas should likewise look uncluttered, neatly organized and spacious, so if there ever was a good time to do a kitchen cleanout and donate that unused junk, it is now.

Introduce Some Greenery

When it comes to making any space really look like a home, a little green goes a long way. Likewise, cleverly placing some attractively potted plants around the kitchen is a great way to bring the space to life. Just make sure that the plants aren’t too bulky. Medium-sized plants are fine as long as they are out of the way, either hanging from a hook on the ceiling or placed on top of higher surfaces like cupboards or fridges to draw up the eye.

For lower surfaces like countertops and windowsills, stick to smaller, unassuming plant varieties. Succulents and cactuses are both great picks, as are any hearty herbs, which will likewise release a delicious aroma that is sure to whet the appetite. Fake plants are fine in a pinch, but they also don’t bring the same sensual appeal and air purifying qualities that real greenery will lend, so stick to the real deal whenever possible.

Choose a Designated Accent Color

Most kitchens are decorated in neutral or earthy tones, and this is definitely a better alternative to a kitchen painted in a gaudy or dated shade. However, adding a little accent color will really take the visual appeal of an otherwise neutral space to a whole new level.

Realtors in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin all know that accent colors are a great way to instantly make a room feel more interesting and dynamic, and when it comes to choosing the right color, there is plenty of room for personal preference to come into play as long as it is bright and lively. Anything from soft pink to tangerine to baby blue to powder purple to turquoise will fly, so just pick one color and play with tone and hue from there.

Rug runner, dish towels, decorative bowls, plant pots, and even everyday kitchen items can be used to add a fun splash of color to liven up a neutral space.

A Little Fruit Goes a Long Way

When it comes to staging tips for Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin realtors, the fruit bowl is a staging go-to, and for good reason. One of the fun things about fruit is that it is just bright and colorful, and with the accent color already set, an inspired fruit bowl will really bring the whole look together.

Just remember to make sure that the presentation vessel looks good. It can be an antique, a sleek contemporary neutral form or minimalist wooden look, but it has to be visually appealing. Fill it up with a wide variety of shapes and colors. Fruit is one of those things that people love to casually reach for, and having a concrete food association that looks just as great as it tastes will literally make the buyer’s mouth water.

The Takeaway

Realtors in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin has the specialized knowledge, contacts, and expertise that homeowners need to avoid all those unnecessary road bumps along the way. From staging to signing, a qualified local agent is there to make sure that Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin real estate gets the right kind of attention that it deserves, so be sure to reach out today to find out more.

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