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Author Archives: Dawn Wiese

    DIY Decorating Tips for Your New Green Bay or N.E. Wisconsin Real Estate

    By Dawn Wiese | March 4, 2021

    After committing weeks or months to scrolling through listings of homes for sale in the Green Bay and the N.E. Wisconsin region, you have found your new dream property. The seller liked your offer, all contingencies were fulfilled, and your deal has been closed. Now it’s time to move in and begin settling into your... Read More

    How You Can Find the Best Homes for Sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin to Buy

    By Dawn Wiese | March 3, 2021

    If you are looking to upgrade your property, it’s time to begin your hunt for houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin. Looking for your next place is an exciting start to an adventure as you explore listings to find properties to visit in person and investigate whether they should be where you... Read More

    How to Boost Your Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin Real Estate Value

    By Dawn Wiese | March 2, 2021

    Selling your Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin real estate is a major step to beginning a new chapter in your life. If you’ve spent years in your property, you could be closing a significant chapter of your life filled with memories of passing milestones that mark accomplishments in your life. Your home was where you... Read More

    Advanced Moving Checklist: A Simple Guide to Planning a Move

    By Dawn Wiese | February 3, 2021

    Moving is hardly on anybody’s list of favorite activities, but when it comes to locking down the ideal piece of real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin, this final hurdle standing in the way of moving onward and upward is more than worth the effect. One of the main reasons that moving gets a... Read More

    Real Estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin: Some Important Terms for Homebuyers to Know

    By Dawn Wiese | February 2, 2021

    Anybody looking to list their own homes for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin is bound to run into a litany of confusing real-estate specific terminology that they probably haven’t heard of before. Thankfully, this is where a qualified real estate agent comes in. They will not only walk sellers through any confusing terms... Read More

    Affordable Kitchen Staging Ideas

    By Dawn Wiese | February 1, 2021

    Home is where the heart is, and the kitchen is the heart of the home. Simply put, a kitchen is a lot more than just the place where the cooking happens. It is not only one of the central focal points of any floorplan, but it is also a room that holds strong emotional ties.... Read More

    The Benefits of Owning Your Home

    By Dawn Wiese | January 7, 2021

    Buying a home can certainly be an expensive endeavor, but it comes with its fair share of perks. In owning your home, you have much more freedom to do with it as you please. This is because you have no landlord or property owner to ask permission from and answer to — you have only... Read More

    How to End Up With a Home You’re Happy With

    By Dawn Wiese | January 6, 2021

    A home is quite possibly the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Beyond this, a home is where you begin to build your dream life, whether that’s to raise a family, start a hobby farm, begin your career as a flipper, or anything else. With these two things in mind, you want to do... Read More

    How Agents Help You Find Your Perfect Home

    By Dawn Wiese | January 5, 2021

    When trying to find your perfect home, it’s tempting to want to take full control of the process yourself. After all, you — and whoever else you’re moving in — know what you’re looking for best. However, in most cases, it’s better off to work with an agent. With an agent, you can still find... Read More

    How To Get Excited & Think Positively About An Upcoming Move

    By Dawn Wiese | December 2, 2020

    While some people get excited at the prospect of moving, not everyone loves the idea. Some people who have to move because of work or other reasons tend to find the process sad and inconvenient. If you are in this boat and not looking forward to an upcoming move, you might be looking for ways... Read More