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Awesome Old School Home Décor Trends That Are Making a Comeback

When people are looking at houses for sale in Green Bay, they are looking at the total package. This includes the overall feel of your home and the individual design elements. If you want to make sure that your home really stands out, you might consider going back to some of the old school décor trends. Some of these are making a comeback and can take your home to the next level.

Scandinavian Swiss Cross Pattern

This was popular a few years ago in modern and minimalist design. It was a Scandinavian design that was often seen on walls, quilts and similar surfaces. It is often in black and white and while these two colors still look great together for certain design schemes, they are just not working anymore in this cross pattern.

Choosing Metallic Elements

Metallic hues are still hot and trendy, but when you choose one metallic color for a room, stick with it. No one wants to see a room with silver and gold elements. Pick silver or gold and use it only as an accent color and not the primary one. When you are incorporating metallics you have to be careful because if you do it wrong, instead of looking chic and modern, it can look tacky and overdone.

Incorporate Industrial Elements

You probably remember the industrial trend from a few years back where kitchens and other living spaces all looked like they were half done. Now, an industrial element or two in your space can look great, but you have to be very careful that you do not overdo it or else you risk a space that just looks like it is not finished.

Go for Velvet

When it comes to velvet furniture people either love it or they absolutely hate it. There is never an in between with this trend. Since feelings can be so strong, it is a good idea to just skip the velvet furniture so that you are not turning off any of your potential buyers.

Keep Shelving Open

Open shelves are a thing of the past and modern design is starting to look more toward not seeing clutter or a lot of items out in the open. So, you will see far more cabinets and shelving units that have doors on them. This is actually kind of nice because it allows you to hide things so that your room automatically looks and feels cleaner.

You can use this information to inspire some changes in your home. No matter which one you choose, you can be confident that once the change is made, your home will be remembered among all of the houses for sale in Green Bay.

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