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Awesome Staging Ideas for Your Spare Bedroom

Awesome Staging Ideas for Your Spare Bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom in your home that you are just not using, do not just let it sit empty when you are ready to sell your home. When people look at houses for sale in Green Bay, they like to see staging and experts agree that proper staging can actually benefit you when it comes to the offers people make on your home. There are some cool ideas that you can use to outfit that extra space for showings.

Consider a Game Room

You do not have to go out and buy a bunch of expensive items for this either since you are just using it for staging purposes. Place some comfortable chairs or sofas in the room and one of your spare televisions. Add some shelving that would be used to house your games. Ensure some lighting that is sufficient for this type of space. Put a rounded table in the room with at least four chairs that people can use to play games.

Cocktail Lounge

After a long day at work, it is common to kick back with a cocktail and reflect on your day. Give this idea to the buyers who come in to look at your home. All you need is a basic table that can act as a bar. Make sure that it has at least two rows of shelving on it so that you can separate glasses and bottles, and have a small space for mixing. A few small tables and comfortable chairs will finish it.

Create the Ultimate Closet

Just about all women would love a closet that is so large they can completely get ready in there. You can transform that room into a closet and mixture of a dressing and makeup room. You can get racks for your clothing and put a dresser or two in there. Make sure to place a nice vanity and actually use it for your clothing and other get ready items.

A Grand Office Space

If you ever do some work from home, having an office in your house could help to spark your productivity. It is also easy to create an office in your spare room for staging purposes. All you need is some basic office furniture and equipment, some basic lighting and a few decorative objects.

Now you have some excellent ideas for what you can do with that spare bedroom in your home before the open house. Make sure that you can compete with all of the other houses for sale in Green Bay by taking advantage of staging so that you can see your home fast.

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