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Be Careful When Adding to Your Outdoor Space Before Selling

Be Careful When Adding to Your Outdoor Space Before Selling

When it comes to Green Bay, WI real estate many people would love a great backyard where they can relax and enjoy their downtime. However, certain features are considered to be a bit over the top by most buyers and these are the ones that you want to avoid. Remember that just because something looks nice, it does not mean that everyone is going to want to manage the upkeep or deal with it on their property.

You Have Landscaping That is Just Too Much

You want to landscape your backyard because you want it to look nice, but you do not want to landscape so much that the new owners will spend their entire Sunday every week keeping up with it. Keep it simple and ensure that it is versatile so that once someone else moves in, they are able to make the changes that best suit their preferred outdoor style.

You Could Land a Plane With the Outdoor Lights

Being able to spend some time outdoors is awesome and something that most people want, and this includes at night when it is dark. However, if your outdoor lights are incredibly bright, this could be a major turnoff. Instead, keep it simple. Keep the lighting spaced out so that it illuminates without overpowering. Look for bulbs that are no more than 75 watts for your outdoor space.

You Have Massive Water Features

Water features can look amazing, but not all people want to deal with the maintenance aspect of them, so it is best to just not install one if you do not have one. This actually includes a pool too. If you already have a pool or a water feature, there is no need to remove it, but just do not spend time putting any of these in if they do not already exist.

Do Not Plant Any Trees

Trees are pretty and they provide shade, so if you already have some beautiful trees on your property, this is great. However, avoid planting new ones. Just like excessive landscaping, this is just something else that buyers are going to view as work when they buy the home. Let them decide if they want to plant any trees on the property and where they might want to put them since you have to consider the spread of roots as the tree grows.

Now you have a good idea about the backyard features that many people just want to avoid. It is a lot easier to keep these out and you could also save some money and focus it on other things, such as basic landscaping to enhance your curb appeal. Just keep it simple when you are looking to sell your home in the Green Bay, WI, real estate market.

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