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Best Types of Outdoor Spaces for Kids

Not everyone can have a huge backyard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t access the great outdoors. Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin realtors understand that kids need space to run around. If you let your agent know, they can look for a property that either has a backyard or has access to a suitable playground. From wooded acreage to a nearby forest playground, there are a lot of outdoor spaces that kids can enjoy. As long as there is somewhere within walking distance, your kids can grow up with a way to safely get their energy out away from the main house.

Here are some of the best types of outdoor spaces for kids that you should consider when looking for Green Bay WI real estate and N.E. Wisconsin properties.

Forested Backyards

There are some fantastic properties in this area that include a section of forested backyards. For families with children over the age of 6-years old, a forested backyard can provide hours of outdoor playtime. Young children might not be as safe unattended in a large outdoor forest setting, however.

If you’re considering real estate in Green Bay WI and N.E. Wisconsin and you have older children, a forested backyard could be one of your criteria. Keep in mind that forests do require maintenance, even small sections. You should be prepared to clear brush, maintain the ecosystem, and preserve the habitats of the animals found there. But don’t let this stop you from purchasing a property with forested acreage. Kids love helping with outdoor tasks. Plus, it can keep them busy for hours at a time in all weather.

Grassy Yards

If you don’t have the desire to maintain a large forested property, or if your children are very young, then a grassy yard could be the perfect choice for you. A grassy yard, no matter how small, can provide a much-needed outlet for little ones who want to yell and scream and run. Plus, grass is soft on little feet that are learning to walk.

If there’s enough space, you could even establish a small formal play area with a swing-set or play structure. Grassy yards do require a bit of regular maintenance, such as edging and moving. But it’s also a wonderful way to give kids a safe and comfortable environment for outdoor play. In small yards, it’s easy to fence in the property so you can keep an eye on outdoor playtime. Plus, your kids will love looking for easter eggs and helping decorate the lawn for the holidays.

Nearby School Playground

It’s okay if you don’t have a big outdoor space that you yourself own. When looking at Green Bay WI and N.E. Wisconsin real estate, consider that a nearby school playground could be a suitable substitute for an expansive backyard place space. School playgrounds are often built for a wide range of ages, so your kids could probably find some activity there to entertain themselves as they grow up. If they will be attending that school in the future, spending time on the playground there is a great way to build familiarity with the property.

Finally, a nearby school playground is a great way for kids to meet their neighbors. They can play safely, close to home, with people who also live in the neighborhood. This is one of the best ways to help kids build a safe community and get regular outdoor playtime. Once schools re-open, it might be a bit trickier since school playgrounds are typically restricted to student use only during the school day. But still, having access to a school playground in the evenings and weekends is a great idea.

Public Playground

Ask your realtors in Green Bay WI and N.E. Wisconsin to look for a property that’s near a public playground. From the monkey bars to the swingsets, public playgrounds are often located in quiet suburban neighborhoods. This means easy walking, calm streets, and a community vibe where people look after one another’s children.

If you don’t want to pony up the cash for a large property or a backyard playset, just look for a property with proximity to a public playground. Ideally, it should be within walking or biking distance so that kids can take themselves to the park as they grow older. Public parks are typically maintained by a municipal parks department, so you can trust that these areas will be well taken care of by skilled landscapers and technicians. Public parks are also typically built to endure all kinds of weather conditions, which is perfect for kids growing up here, who want to play outdoors even in the bitter cold.

Local Park or Recreation Area

Finally, you may not be looking for a large wooded property or proximity to a playground. Instead, you could simply find a spot that’s not far from local recreation areas. Here, kids can grow up with access to wild nature. Bird-spotting in the spring and celebrating the changing of the leaves in the autumn are just two of the activities kids can enjoy in a natural recreation area.

If your kids like to hike, move somewhere that is close to a recreation area. You can take the family for weekend walks, tire them out, and enjoy some peace away from home. Fresh air does wonders for the lungs, and kids need time to run and play outdoors. Good luck finding your next property!

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