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Common Home Smells and How to Get Rid of Them

When looking at real estate, Green Bay, WI home buyers do not want to walk into a home and be greeted by a foul odor. You want to make sure that your home smells clean and pleasant. This is true for both the interior and the exterior. Knowing about some of the common smells and how to get rid of them can be highly beneficial.

You Have a Mildew Smell in Your Home

Leaving wet clothes in the hamper or wet towels on the bathroom floor can quickly cause a mildew smell. If you try to dry these after the mildew sets in, the scent can travel throughout the home and it can be hard to get rid of. To get rid of the mildew smell in your fabrics, you need to wash them in the washer. Use the hottest water possible and add a cup of white vinegar to the mix with your detergent. This will help to eliminate the foul odor. To prevent more mildew from occurring, make sure to immediately dry the items after you run them through the washing machine.

Visitors Can Smell Your Trash

Taking your trash out each day is important, but sometimes it is not enough to get rid of the associated odors. If the smell is coming from the trash can itself, you want to take it outside and clean it completely. Some white vinegar can help to remove the odors that are set in. Once it is clean, it is important that you dry it completely before you put a new liner in so that you do not trap the moisture. You might also want to get into the habit of placing a dryer sheet below the liner in your trash cash. You can change it once a week or when it gets wet. This is an easy way to deodorize your garbage.

There Are Pet Odors Present

Pet odors can get intense and they can be a major turnoff when people come into your home. If it is pet urine or stool, you want to get an enzyme cleaner to take the smell away. Most regular cleansers will not get the job done. For example, bleach will usually just mask it. If you put bleach on female cat urine, it can cause a gas to occur that can be dangerous. So, use cleaners that are approved for pet stains to safely and effectively clear them from your home.

Before putting your home on the market with other real estate in Green Bay, WI, make sure to do a smell test. You want to eliminate all odors before you host your first open house.

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