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DIY Decorating Tips for Your New Green Bay or N.E. Wisconsin Real Estate

After committing weeks or months to scrolling through listings of homes for sale in the Green Bay and the N.E. Wisconsin region, you have found your new dream property. The seller liked your offer, all contingencies were fulfilled, and your deal has been closed. Now it’s time to move in and begin settling into your new house.

Purchasing new real estate in the Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin area is an exciting new venture. You now have a blank slate for personalizing your house to suit your tastes and signify who you are. Interior and exterior decorating, however, is a process. You need to approach your decoration with strategies for a cohesive, refined look that onlookers will appreciate. There’s a fine line between making a statement and making a mess. You could easily overdo it and turn your house into an over-cluttered, unsettling sight.

On the other hand, if done effectively with the right approach, you could create a work of art with your decor choices. Consider following these strategies when customizing the appearance of your property to make it your own and earn positive recognition from anyone who sees it:

Out With the Old, In With the New

As you move from one property to your new purchase, it’s time to refine what you bring with you. Your old house may have been full of decor, including hand-me-downs from family members and friends, because you were on a limited budget, or that you once bought but are tired of now. This is the time to start fresh. Consider selling your old decor pieces or donating them for others to use and enjoy. Get rid of that old couch, the scratched kitchen table, art pieces from your modernist phase, and more.

By eliminating what no longer serves you in your past property’s decor, you will recognize what pieces are valuable to you and include them in your new house. Your move-in stage will be more seamless as you have less stuff to potentially clutter your new space. The rooms in your house will feel more open, and you’ll be more able to see their decorative potential. With less old stuff, you can methodically pick and choose the types of furnishings and accents you want in your new property.

One Room at a Time

You may be tempted to divide your attention across the various rooms in your new house. How about painting one wall in the living room, installing new fixtures in the kitchen, and then finding a mirror for your bathroom sink? With your eyes on so many features, you may end up with an unfocused decor plan that is not as well implemented as you initially hoped.

When decorating your new property, maintain focus and address one room at a time. Consider your rooms as items on your interior design list. You’ll happily cross one after the other off your list after approaching their design thoroughly and effectively.

Experts recommend that you first address the bedroom since this is where you’ll be committing a large fraction of your time. Invest in bedding that offers comfort and a visually-appealing aesthetic according to your tastes. From there, you should determine what wall paint shades will complement your bed’s coloring. You can decide if you want rich, dark hues that will promote sleep or a light, soothing space that appears luminous with natural lighting in the mornings.

Settle on a Theme

Consider following a theme throughout the entire property or within common areas for a cohesive look within your house. Whether you want to implement transitional, modern, farmhouse, contemporary, art deco, commit to your chosen theme to effectively implement it in your Green Bay or N.E. Wisconsin real estate.

Your theme will help you determine the color palettes to include in your rooms. You can choose specific furniture, paint colors, art pieces, fixtures that encompass the general mood you are trying to convey. The furniture pieces will be the grounding pieces that embody your theme, so be strategic when furniture shopping as you keep your chosen theme at the forefront of your mind.

Make Purchases in Waves

Interior designers and realtors in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin will advise you to save some of your spendings until a few months of living in your new house. After making a property purchase, there will be closing costs to pay, adding up to thousands of dollars. So before you start pre-ordering your new house’s furnishings and decor pieces, hold onto your money until all flat costs are paid.

After you’ve moved into your new property, start slow when shopping for your design pieces. Your original design choices may change as you develop your flow of movement within your new space, which could influence the sizing and number of elements you need in each room. You could end up switching your roaming plans or find new purposes for the current furniture you bought from your past property. By carefully approaching your design purchases, you could make more money as you learn to use what you already have or avoid losing money on pieces that don’t work in your new space.

Don’t Neglect the Outdoors

New property purchasers will commonly focus all budgeting and attention on the inside of their house but fail to take care of their outdoor design. Your landscaping, gardening, and outdoor furnishing have a major impact on your property’s appeal to onlookers. To make your new place an investment you are proud of, tend to your exterior features by giving your house some new siding or a paint job or by staining your front porch so you can enjoy sitting on it while soaking in your new neighborhood surroundings. With the inside and outside of your property reflecting your design tastes and personal aesthetic, you will feel more settled and proud to own your beautiful house.

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