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Easy Ways to Make Your Home Décor More Relaxed and Casual

When exploring Green Bay, WI real estate, potential buyers want to walk into a house and feel like they are able to relax. You can stage your home so that it is relaxed and casual so that people are getting this vibe. This is relatively easy to accomplish and you can usually pull it off in just a matter of days.

Choose Colors That Are Relaxing

White, blue, green, and yellow are the colors that are most often associated with a relaxed feeling. You want to use the lighter hues of these colors because a tranquil home should have a very light and airy feel to it. You can also incorporate some very light colors on the brown spectrum and incorporate some pops of color with red.

Pick Decorative Elements With a Beachy Feel

Think about items that you would see in a relaxed atmosphere for some decorative inspiration. Place a seashell on the coffee table or instead of a floral centerpiece place a wooden ship in the center of your dining table. It is not hard to find decorative items that are perfect for the relaxed look. You can grab the seashells right off the beach and other elements can often be found at inexpensive big box stores or the local thrift store.

Ensure Comfortable and Casual Furniture

When you are picking out furniture for your relaxed and casual home, use the colors that are beachy for starters. From there, look for pieces that are relatively simple, but also very comfortable. The beach is all about relaxing, so you want to make sure that your furniture is able to accommodate this.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Wood

You will find a lot of wood elements when you look at different casual and relaxed designs. Wood floors and supplemental furniture are good ways to work in the wood. For example, make sure that the side tables and the coffee table in your beachy living room are made of wood.

Ensure Optimal Simplicity

When it comes to a relaxed look, you want to keep things simple. Everything should be clean and you should not have a lot of clutter. Remember that the relaxed vibe is one that is simple and carefree and you want the tone of your home to have the same vibe to accomplish the relaxed look and feel.

You can see that there is not a lot that goes into a more relaxed and casual décor scheme. When you are working to stage your Green Bay, WI real estate, just keep this information in mind so that you are getting the desired aesthetic.

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