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Effective Ways to Market Your Rental Property

Without tenants, you are not gaining anything from your rental properties. There are many ways to market your properties so that you have a constant flow of tenants. This reduces vacancies, allowing you a steady stream of income. Advice from realtors in Green Bay, WI, can ensure that you are doing it right.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and it is a fast and effective way to reach a variety of people. When you are working on renting a home, posting your vacancies on social media makes it easy for them to be shared. There are many different real estate social media pages that you can use too when you want to advertise your listings. If you have multiple properties or an apartment complex, you might consider creating a social media page for your company. This allows you to build a following, giving you an automatic audience every time a vacancy is available.

Utilize the Internet

The internet is one of the best ways to market your property. If you work with a professional property management company, you can bet that a number of their marketing efforts involve the internet. Look at the various real estate pages and see what it takes to list your rentals. Many are free, and some charge a small classified listing fee. Either option can be cost-effective when you think about the potential reach the most popular sites have.

Take Professional Photos

Whether you are creating a digital or a print listing, you need good photos. Show possible tenants exactly what your property looks like. Using a good camera and not overly editing the photos is key. Remember that if photos are retouched too much, it could appear like you are pulling a bait and switch once people come to look at the property in person.

Get Help from Past and Current Tenants

Offering past and current tenants a little incentive to refer people to your properties is an effective strategy. The incentive does not have to be large. For example, offer $50 to $100 as a rental discount for current tenants, or as a cash or gift card reward for past tenants.

Ensure Good Curb Appeal

When potential tenants come to look at your property, you want to hook them from the minute they drive up. Some basic landscaping and making sure that the exterior of the property is visually appealing will go a long way in showing people what you have to offer. Curb appeal is always one of the best marketing elements.

Now you have more information about the marketing aspect of property management. As you continue with your marketing efforts, you will notice that your rental properties start to become more successful. If you have a lot of properties to manage and market, you might consider getting help from professional realtors in Green Bay, WI.


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