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Helpful Tips to Declutter a House or Condo

When is the right time to get a jump on spring cleaning so that there is more time to soak up all those lovely rays when the weather is warm? While people often associate the idea of taking on major cleaning or organizing projects with the spring thaw, the winter can actually be a great time to get rid of all that extra junk and declutter the living area.

After all, a lot of people already end up feeling cooped up inside when the weather turns ugly out there, so why not make the most of it by making the home and comfortable and functional as possible? Winter is actually a great time to downsize, because a lot of people often have a lot of unwanted junk still kicking around from the holiday season, and people tend to spend more time indoors in the winter than they do in any other season, so why not take a proactive approach and make that living area as functional, clean, and zen feeling as it should be?

As an added bonus, downsizing on any unnecessary stuff now will let anybody thinking of listing their homes for sale green in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin get a jump on the spring market, so essentially, there is really no good reason to wait around until the weather gets warm to tackle a major indoor project like decluttering.

So, with that in mind, this article is going to cover some helpful decluttering tips that homeowners can put to work for them, rain, shine, or snow.

Breaking Down the Four-Box Method

So if there ever was one, or better, four secret weapons that every homeowner needs to have on hand when getting ready to declutter their space, it is four big boxes.

The four-box method is nothing new, but it is an indefensible trick when it comes to pulling up an effective whole house sorting project. It involves taking four sturdy boxes and labeling them as follows: one for trash, one for recycling, one for relocating, and one for donating.

The Trash Box

The trash box is reserved for items that are quite frankly useless. Think shirts with holes and stains, broken toys, and damaged appliances. Sometimes one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, but when it comes to the trash box, these are the types of things that it would be thoughtless or inconsiderate to give away. Needless to say, anything that gets tossed in this box can go directly to the garbage pile.

The Recycling Box

Meanwhile, the recycling box is for items that are similar to those that go into the trash pile, in that it is highly unlikely that anybody will ever be able to find a use for them, but are at least fully or partially recyclable. This may include certain things made of plastic, like say old Tupperware container lids, or old notebooks that are full of recyclable paper.

Just be sure to properly sort the recyclable components from the non-recyclable components and wash anything that may be dirty. As one can probably guess, the items from the recyclable box go in the recycling.

The Relocate Box

Items that go into the relocate box are those things that aren’t working where they are, but the type of stuff that a homeowner still wants to keep around. When it comes to making the most of real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin, the organization is key, and decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of stuff but also taking the time to think about what organization strategies aren’t working and how they can be improved.

For instance, things like gloves and winter outdoor accessories that tend to be tossed on the closet floor rather than neatly stored can be a good candidate for the relocate box. Or maybe somebody finds a pile of cookbooks collecting dust in a closet and wants to put them in a more accessible area so they will actually get used. Anyway, suffice it to say, this box is for the keep items that need to be rehomed.

The Donate Box

This one is pretty self-explanatory, however, a lot of people tend to skip out on the donate box when they are tackling their major decluttering projects.

Yes, it is a bit easier to just throw stuff in the trash, but it is also wasteful, especially when it comes to the type of things that other people could really use. So rather than take the easy road, try to honestly assess ask whether an item could come in handy if it was given to charity or even sold off in a garage sale.

It really isn’t that much extra work to drop stuff off a local donation bin, and it is something that everybody can feel good about.

Tips for Sorting Common Household Goods


If there is one household item that people really have a tendency to hold on to longer than they should, it has got be clothing. Yes, it can be hard to say goodbye to a once-loved pair of duds, but all that extra closet space will make the effort more than worth the while.

The best way to do it is to pull out each and every item of clothing and go through them one-by-one. It is a pain, but it will make the whole sorting process more effective and efficient. With each item, ask if it is a beloved piece of clothing if it is worn often and if it fits? If it doesn’t meet all the above criteria, it might be time to say goodbye.


Kids can be especially prone to accumulating plenty of useless holiday junk, and making an honest assessment of what toys are useful and what isn’t will really go a long way to keeping the living area clutter-free.

The most important questions to ask are do they use it, does it make them happy, and is it a good learning tool? If it doesn’t fit into one of these three boxes, they can probably do without it. However, be sure to not make any major decisions in this department without asking the kids themselves either.

Toiletries, Hygiene Products, and Makeup

The bathroom is yet another area that can always stand to benefit from a good decluttering, and taking some time to clear out those vanities and drawers and sort through everything one by one can really free up an amazing amount of space.

Keep an eye out for expired, damaged products, or those that aren’t useful anymore. The same goes for medication, toothbrushes, hair elastics, and anything else that might be kicking around taking up space.

Intention Is Key

When it comes to decluttering, it takes some willpower, but it is more than worth it in the end.

This is also a great way for anybody who might be looking into new Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin to get a jump on preparing for a big move. Remember, if this is the case, professional realtors in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin are there to help make that dream property a reality, so be sure to reach out to find out more.

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