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How to Boost Your Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin Real Estate Value

Selling your Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin real estate is a major step to beginning a new chapter in your life. If you’ve spent years in your property, you could be closing a significant chapter of your life filled with memories of passing milestones that mark accomplishments in your life. Your home was where you laughed, cried, and went through life stages that made you stronger and ready to turn a fresh leaf somewhere else.

You could be selling your real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin for several reasons, including:

  • Downsizing from an empty nest
  • Moving to a larger property for starting a family
  • Finding new career opportunities in another town or state
  • Wanting to explore new neighborhoods
  • Taking the next step in your relationship to move in somewhere with a partner

The list of reasons goes on. However, if this is your first time selling your home, you will want to make sure you have a successful sale on the market. Succeeding on the market involves selling fast and receiving a competitive offer that either meets your listing price or exceeds it. While you may believe improving your property’s quality isn’t worth the cost, you could end up increasing the value by thousands and make a larger profit so you can afford a wonderful new home.

Be a savvy home seller by following these strategies:

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Your curb appeal involves how on-lookers see your property. It is a part of their first impression as your potential buyers see the outside of your home and may start making judgments before stepping inside. Often, home sellers invest on their indoors and fail to spruce up their lawn and home exterior. By the time your viewers enter the home, they already have their minds made up after what they saw outside.

Make a positive first impression by working on your curb appeal. Put your gardening skills to practice by planting attractive flowers and shrubbery that complement your home exterior. Give your lawn some attention by spreading fertilizer and grass seed for a lush, vibrant yard. Don’t let it grow too long, as it could leave your property seeming unkempt. With a well-trimmed and maintained yard, your viewers can imagine themselves proudly owning the property.

Beyond your landscaping, your curb appeal also involves the exterior design of your property. If you have a porch, clean the flooring and consider staining the wood or painting it a lovely shade that will catch potential buyers’ eyes from the curb. Add accessories like outdoor furnishings, lights, or flower pots to make it more attractive.

Take a power washer to your exterior, or consider repainting the outside of your house. With neat and well-maintained roofing, you’ll pass your home appraisal with flying colors.

Complete All Home Repairs

Beyond your roofing, you will want all home appliances and fixtures working correctly for your home to be assigned a high value during its appraisal process. Efficient property viewers may be looking closely at all corners and amenities in your home for signs of potential damage, which allows an opportunity to negotiate your listed price.

Consult with trades experts who can walk through your home and analyze any potential issues that need to be addressed before your viewings. With their help, you can eradicate any damages and eliminate any sign of them with a thought cleaning job afterward.


Decluttering is a simple gesture that will go a long way in boosting your home value. You may want to stuff your rooms with family pictures and decorations because they suit your personal home decor tastes, but these could impact how your viewers picture themselves living in your home.

By decluttering, you will create a space that your potential buyers can picture as their own more easily. It will also lead to more open space, which will make your property seem bigger than its actual size. These days, home buyers value higher ceilings and open room concepts, so whatever you can do to portray this illusion is worth the effort.


Now is when you should start consulting with design experts who know modern home decor trends or the best tasteful wall colors that will appeal to a broad range of buyers. Fresh paint will make your home seem more modern, cleaner, and trendier. If you choose light neutral shades, you can make your interiors seem brighter and grander, attracting more buyers. You can implement some paint colors to spice up specific spaces, like a bright color in your kitchen or one dark accent wall to make a room seem endless and wider. As long as your paint choices are appropriate for your buyers’ tastes, you can make an enormous impact on your home value.

Invest in Staging

If you find that home design is not your element, have no fear. Consider hiring a professional stager who can remove your current furnishings and decor and use their pieces to attract more buyers and earn you a competitive offer. Staging involves strategic design choices that will highlight the unique, attractive features of your home. Your home stager will position furniture and use accents and colors to force your home viewers to see desirable qualities of your home.

Work With Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin Realtors

The best strategy you can implement is working with realtors in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin. They will help you maximize your home value by advising you of the actions you need to take to boost your property value. These people understand the area’s market and know what your competitors are doing to promote their home. They will have a network of home repair and staging experts, so you don’t need to lift a finger for making arrangements.

Your designated expert will guide you through your selling process so you can manage a successful home sale with high profits and as few Days on Market as possible. You may even find yourself enjoying the project of selling your lovely property as you walk away from the transaction, satisfied and ready to move onto your next life stage.

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