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Information about Monitoring Your Septic System

When it comes to real estate, Green Bay, WI buyers expect a house in excellent condition. So, you have to keep an eye on your septic system and make sure that you are performing the right routine maintenance. When you are properly maintaining and monitoring your septic system, you are working to prolong its life and prevent major issues with your system.

Make Sure You Know Exactly Where Your System Is

You have to assess your access and know where your system is located. You also want to know where the drain field is located on your property. Make note of these because when you need to handle repairs or emptying, you want to be able to quickly access your system.

Be Mindful of Planting around Your System

You can put some plants in the area, but only those that have short roots. Do not place trees or shrubs close to the area. If the roots get close to your system, it can cause damage. This damage can cause issues like punctures and require you to have to fully replace your system.

Make Sure the Area Remains Clear

The drain field and septic tank should not be obstructed by anything to ensure easy access and prevent damage. It is a good idea to mark this area off so that you do not accidentally drive over the area or do something like build in the area. You can use basic wooden stakes and some rope or string to surround the area. You should do this by your septic tank and in the area of the drain field.

Keep Track of Your Water Usage

Your septic system has to process every drop of water that you use in your home. It is a good idea to utilize water-saving measures when you can. For example, low-flow toilets and shower heads can help to cut down on the amount of water you are using.

Make Sure Drains Are Directed Away

You do not want excess water going into the area of your drain field or septic tank. When you are putting in structures like gutters, they should be directed area from these two areas. If the areas by your drain field or septic system are saturated, your system will have to work harder.

Be Very Mindful of What You Are Flushing

Until you pump your tank, every non-water item that you flush remains in your septic tank. If the wrong items are flushed or too many non-water items, this can result in your system getting clogged.

Make Sure That You Pump Regularly

In general, once every three to five years is the recommendation for pumping. However, if you use your system more heavily, you might have to pump more frequently. Make sure to never delay pumping because this can result in backing up if it becomes full.

You can see that it is not terribly difficult to maintain and monitor your septic system. When you utilize the right maintenance strategies you are working to make sure that your septic system remains in good working order for years to come. This means it is ready for when you want to sell your real estate in Green Bay, WI.


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