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Make Sure to Stay Safe When Having Your Open House

Make Sure to Stay Safe When Having Your Open House

Realtors in Green Bay, WI will give you a lot of advice concerning what you should do to make sure that your open house is a success. Part of this is making sure that you are safe and that your belongings are okay throughout the event. There are some safety tips that you want to take advantage of so that your open house goes well and nothing is a problem afterward.

Get Your Valuables Out of Your Home

Almost everyone who comes to your open house is there because they want to see your home. However, there is always the risk that someone might come by who could have sticky fingers. It is best to just move your valuables out so that there is no risk of them getting stolen. You can leave them with someone you trust or even consider a secure storage facility for short-term safety of these items.

Have Someone You Trust Take Your Pets for a Day

Having your pets in your home during an open house can present a few safety issues. First, there is a chance that your pets could get out since so many people will be coming in and out of your home for the showing. Second, your pet might be scared and become aggressive as a result. If someone was to be bitten or scratched during the open house, you would be liable for their injuries.

Be Mindful After the Open House

Unfortunately, media reports have stated that some people use open houses as a way to case a home before robbing it. So, once you have an open house, be extra diligent so that this does not happen to you. Lock your doors, make sure your security alarm is set and have your neighbors keep their eyes open.

You can see that hosting an open house is a lot of work, but taking an extra hour to plan for safety and security is critical. Talk to professional realtors in Green Bay, WI to learn more about what you can do to ensure the ultimate level of safety for you and your home.

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