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Picking the Perfect Pipes: PVC vs. ABS

When it comes to homes for sale, Green Bay, WI sellers want to ensure that all elements of their home are in tip top shape. If your plumbing is older or faulty this has to be fixed, and one of the first decisions you have to make concerns the material of the piping. There are several options, but plastic materials are becoming more popular since they tend to be lightweight, inexpensive and resistant to corrosion. Two of the most popular choices are PVC and ABS. Learning a little more about each makes it easier to make the right choice for your upcoming plumbing services.

Color and Cost

Both types of piping are similar in cost in the United States. In terms of color, PVC pipes are white and ABS pipes are black. If you have any pipes that might need to be exposed for any reason, you might choose based on color to ensure they fit your décor scheme, such as with an ultra-modern bathroom where exposed pipes are part of the design. Of course, you can change the color of any exposed pipes. You can use spray paint for this. Just make sure that the paint that you choose is ideal for plastic and moisture.

Flexibility and Durability

Both types have pros and cons. ABS pipes tend to be more shock resistant, but PVC is typically the more flexible material. PVC best muffles running water sounds. When exposed to direct sunlight, the ABS type has the potential to warp, but it stands up to considerably cold temperatures better.

Required Work

In most cases, there is only one step needed to install ABS pipes where there are two steps with PVC pipes. A special cement works to instantly bond the ABS type. With PVC, this cement is also used to bond them, but before this can happen, a primer must be used to treat the ends of the pipes. It is imperative that before cementing a PVC pipe that the primer is completely dry.

Talk to your plumber to get more information about the maintenance that might be required too. This is important for you, but it is also something that potential buyers might inquire about before choosing to buy your home.

Make sure to also check local codes as part of the decision process. There are times when local codes dictate the materials used. Professional plumbing services can aid you in exploring the codes and local guidelines as you make your decision. They can also make sure that your plumbing is in excellent condition so that you are able to easily compete with other homes for sale in Green Bay, WI.


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