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Quick Cleaning Hacks to Make Sure Your Home’s Open House Ready

Quick Cleaning Hacks to Make Sure Your Home’s Open House Ready

When touring homes for sale, Green Bay buyers are going to notice the smallest unclean area in the homes that they look at. You want to make sure that every inch of your home is spotless and perfect for those who will attend your open house. There are some hacks that you can take advantage of that will make getting your house ready much easier and organized.

Take Inventory of What Needs to Be Cleaned

Walk your entire room, starting in one corner and making your way around the perimeter to the other side. Then, work your way inward to the center of your room in this same fashion. This will allow you to see things you might not normally look at to determine if they need to be cleaned. You want to jot down everything that needs to be attended to. Do not get overwhelmed if the list is long. Remember that the longer the list, the cleaner your home will be.

Utilize a Separate Storage Space

It is imperative that your home does not have any clutter inside or out. You might need to get a storage space in order to accomplish this. This is important because even if your home is perfectly clean, clutter will make it look like it is not. It is best to move the clutter out since there is nowhere to hide it that people will not look during your open house.

Clean Your Upholstery and Carpets

You have lived in your home for a while, so you might not notice the odd smells coming from your carpets and upholstery. However, anyone who visits your home will. Have a professional cleaner come in and do this work to ensure that it is done in a proper manner. You should have this completed about a week before your open house.

Move Everything in Your Home

You want to move out all furniture and appliances and clean around them. Believe it or not, people will be looking under and around things when they are touring your home. You know the saying “leave no stone unturned?” Remember this when you are going through each room and cleaning your home so that you get every area throughout the process.

Now you know more about what is takes to really stand against all of the home for sale in Green Bay. Make sure that your home almost sparkles before you host your open house. Once the deep cleaning is done, keep up with it just in case you need to do extra showings or open houses to get your home sold.

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