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Quick Tips to Bring Some Size to Your Small Bathroom

Realtors in Green Bay, WI will tell you that when it comes to selling a home, you have to make sure that your kitchen and the bathrooms in your home are as close to perfect as possible. If your bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side, do not let this get you down. There are ways to make them feel larger.

Go for Bright and Light Colors

Dark colors will make your bathroom feel like it is smaller and closed in. You want to keep the ceiling white and white is a good color for the bathroom appliances and the trim. When it comes to the wall color, you want a color that is light, such as neutral taupe or even a light yellow or green. All of these colors work well in a bathroom and make it feel more open and spacious.

Make Sure to Have Plenty of Storage

Wall shelving is your best bet in a small bathroom. You do not want it so high that you cannot reach it, but it should be at least shoulder level. If it is too low, it feels like your bathroom is smaller. When you put up shelving, it is a good idea that you put it where there is not a lot of foot traffic. For example, put some shelving around your toilet, above the sink or near your vanity. This can provide you with a lot of storage space, but it takes up no floor space, helping to preserve the space that you do have in your bathroom.

Use the Right Decorative Elements

Certain decorative items can make your bathroom feel larger. Make sure your hanging hand towels and towel racks are light in color. A great mirror can also make your space feel larger.

Ensure Proper Lighting

When it comes to how large your bathroom feels, lighting plays a major role. Consider brighter light bulbs and make sure that all of your light covers are clean. Dirty light covers can make your bathroom feel darker than it really is. There are plenty of lighting types that are very easy to put into place and utilize and you will not have to hire an electrician to put them in. Consider a plug-in hanging light if your bathroom does not already have a ceiling light. You can also place a few flameless candles around for some extra light and an ambient glow.

You can use this information that is often recommended by realtors in Green Bay, WI to get the most out of your small bathrooms. The more of these ideas you implement, the larger your space is going to appear.

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