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Regrettable Curb Appeal Decisions You Just Cannot Make

Regrettable Curb Appeal Decisions You Just Cannot Make

When looking at homes for sale, Green Bay, WI buyers are looking for a number of very specific attributes and if your home does not have them, it is common for buyers to simply move on. Knowing more about what might turn a buyer off completely before they even walk through the door can help you to decide which curb appeal projects to kick to the curb so that your home makes an excellent first impression.

The Inside and Outside Are Drastically Different

When people look at a home, they expect the same level of aesthetic throughout the entire property. If your home is beautiful outside and not so much inside and vice versa, this can result in buyers walking away. Think about it. If you look at the photos of a home online and the inside is stunning, but then you go to the open house and the outside is falling apart, you might feel deceived. So, ensure that there is a solid balance between your home’s interior and exterior.

There is Trash That Can Be Seen By Visitors

Many people will put so much focus on cleaning the home’s interior that they forget about the exterior. You should start with putting your trash cans in a place that is a bit hidden if possible. Behind a garage or a shed can work. You also want to ensure that they do not emit a foul odor. Next, walk around your home and make sure that there is no clutter or trash lying around.

The Exterior is Only Half Finished

Before you put your home on the market, make sure that all of your renovation efforts are actually, finished, especially on the outside since this is what people see first. If you started siding or painting and you have not finished yet, make sure to get this done. No one wants to buy a home that they immediately after to put significant work into unless they are aware of this from the beginning.

Your Exterior is a Little Too Unique

Bright colors that are not common on the outside of a home can be great, but they are unlikely to appeal to a large group of potential buyers. Consider going for a more neutral color scheme to make sure that those visiting your home see it for the gem that it truly is.

You can see that curb appeal is critical and what some of the wrong moves are that could jeopardize your sale. Make sure to take note of these so that you can make the best first impression possible amongst all of the other homes for sale in Green Bay, WI.

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