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Some All-Too-Common Home Buying Myths Debunked

Making the decision to invest in homes for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin is a major commitment and not one that should be taken lightly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of false rumors floating around in the real estate world that tend to leave potential buyers either with unreasonable expectations or feeling confused as to their role in the process.

Of course, this is basically a recipe for an unsatisfactory experience, and this is why it is so important for homebuyers to choose to work with a professional realtor who knows the ins and outs of the business and can give their clients a realistic idea of what they need to prepare for when considering different homes for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin.

Nonetheless, it is still incredibly important for anybody preparing to start looking into houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin to get their facts straight before they head out there and start shopping, so this article is going to clear up some common misconceptions about buying houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin.

Read on to find out more.

Myth #1: Buying Direct from a Listing Agent is a Smart Way to Save Money

Many people mistakenly assume that if they choose to bypass a professional realtor and work directly with a listing agent instead, they will get a portion of the seller’s commission that would normally be split half and half between the two agents involved.

However, more often than not, this is not the case. Firstly, the seller’s agent works for the seller, and this means that they are going to prioritize the needs of the seller first. As such, most agents will not agree to split the commission with an independent buyer.

Meanwhile, working with an experienced agent is the best way to ensure a great long term outcome, not to mention while locking in the best price for the best property. While the idea of netting a commission might seem enticing, it is the type of plan that is hardly likely to pay off in the long run.

Myth #2: Popular Online Portals are Just as Good as the MLS Portal

Popular online portals are by no means a bad thing, and many realtors will even recommend them to their clients when they are shopping for houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin. However, the Multiple Listing Service, otherwise known as the MLS portal, is only available to professional realtors and offers a level of accuracy that these popular sites can’t compete with.

For one, a lot of the homes for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin that might be displayed on popular portals that are in escrow, or basically, already sold will still display as available, and this can be a major time-waster.

In addition, a lot of agencies and companies will opt out of these sites, meaning they simply can’t offer as comprehensive of a directory, and that the MLS, by contrast, can offer access to the houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin that they buyers relying solely on popular portals might be missing out on.

Myth #3: A Goodway to Lock in a Lower Sales Price is to Lowball the Initial Offer

Once again, this is largely untrue.

While there might be times when this is the case, more often than not a low offer will actually just do nothing more than insult the seller. After all, negotiating prices for houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin involves negotiating with real humans with real emotions, and when people feel upset they are more likely to stand firm on a price or ignore an offer altogether than they are to cave.

That said, there are certainly times when a low offer is acceptable and warranted, however, it usually takes a professional to know when it is safe to make a lower offer and when it may hurt more than it helps, and as such, it is always better to work with a realtor to make the right decision in these types of circumstances.

Myth #4: Acting Indifferent is a Good Way to Negotiate

A lot of people make the mistake of confusing strategies they might use to buy a car with strategies that they might use to negotiate the price of homes for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin and this is generally a mistake indeed.

Firstly, this is a much more important purchase than a car. Secondly, the car buying experience is defined by a wholly different context and set of rules than that of a property buying experience, so don’t assume that the acting indifferent strategy that people might have been taught to use on the showroom floor naturally transfers over. It doesn’t. Each and every piece of property is totally unique, and there is definitely no such thing as a factor that pumps out tons of new and identical houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin on a daily basis.

Basically, when it comes to real estate, there are a whole different set of rules at play, and the stakes are undoubtedly high. In many states, it is perfectly acceptable for buyers to walk within a certain amount of days of deal being accepted, and sellers are going to look for somebody who is generally interested in their houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin, not somebody who is trying to fake a bluff.

Once again, this also serves to illustrate while these types of important transactions are best left in the hands of a professional realtor who really knows how to approach these types of negotiations and do it is in a way that will secure the best possible income for their client. When buyers choose to take on the task alone, they are gambling with high stakes, and inexperienced mistakes can be incredibly costly in these types of circumstances.

The Takeaway

When it comes to buying houses for sale in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin with confidence, working with a licensed realtor is the way to go.

There are a lot of rumors floating around out there, and trusting a qualified professional to navigate the complexities of the home buying world is the smartest way to ensure a great outcome.

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