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Tips for Caring for a Wooden Deck

When it comes to homes for sale in Green Bay, WI, homes with an outdoor living space tend to sell better. Wooden decks add much to a home. They are a place to relax on a lazy evening or to entertain friends and family for a celebration. However, they also take a beating. Between everyday use, weather, and environmental toxins, a deck can deteriorate. It is important to take care of issues in advance so that you never have to refrain from using your deck.

Identify Threats

Where you live will greatly influence the care that you must provide to your deck. For example, those living in Florida will have to be more concerned about the sun’s UV rays and those living in Washington state will have to be more concerned about the frequent rain. Think about the weather conditions in Wisconsin — or elsewhere — to determine which issues are the greatest threat to your deck.

Choosing the Right Protection Products

Once you have identified potential threats to your deck, it is time to get the products to protect it. Water-resistant varnishes are always a good place to start. While it rains more in some places as opposed to others, water is a threat regardless of where you live. You want to make sure that all of the wood on your deck is water-proofed including the floor, rails, and any stairs. A sealant should be applied to a deck that is properly sanded and cleaned. There should be no dust or debris when you are sealing the wood.

Knocking Out Discoloration and Stains

A sealed deck will be more resistant to staining, but it is not impossible for stains to happen. The good news is that your normal chlorine-based bleach can help to knock out stains caused by the sun. This will not really damage the wood and it can help to correct sun-based discolorations. Bleach is also a great option if you notice that any fungus or mildew is growing on your deck.

Look for Loose Elements

If you notice a loose splinter, floor board, nail, or anything else, it is important to get these taken care of right away. This will prevent the deck from being damaged and streaks from extending. If a large crack is present, it is best to get a professional involved that can either seal it properly for you or tell you what you should do. If the issue is just a loose nail, you can either hammer it back into place, or purchase and apply a new one. Small splinters can be removed by you and then quickly sealed.

Keep Your Deck Clean

One of the best ways to maintain a wooden deck’s integrity is to keep it clean. First, you will want to give it a thorough sweeping. This is especially important in the fall when moist leaves just lie on the wood. This can lead to rotting wood if it is a constant problem.

In the winter, you want to keep the snow off the deck. You should shovel your deck just as you shovel your walkway and driveway. The key is not to allow moisture to sit on the wood for long periods.

In the summer, a good power-washing is always smart. If you do not own a power washer, you can rent one from most home-improvement stores. This will help to remove any ground-in dirt and debris from the harsher seasons.

Use this information to make sure that your deck is in good condition. When it looks good for your next open house, your house will feel more welcoming and have a better aesthetic than many of the homes for sale in Green Bay, WI.

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