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Tips for Painting a Home to Sell

Here’s Why Staging a Home Matters

When preparing to sell a condo, house or other types of real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin, many people wonder whether or not it is worth it to invest in www. In fact, when done right, staging can go a long way to not only ensure that homeowners are able to lock in a buyer, but also that they are able to get the price that they deserve for their valuable property.

Staging a property can essentially be thought of as a way to really highlight all of the things that are great about a home or while ensuring that some of the less desirable attributes don’t take center stage. It also gives buyers a powerful visual image so that they can imagine how their own lives will fit into the home itself.

For instance, maybe a home has a smaller living room area but an amazing kitchen space complete with a floating island and state of the art appliances. Rather than looking at the empty space that is the living room and weighing it against the kitchen area, a living room that is staged with practical, size-appropriate furnishings will demonstrate just how cozy and comfortable the space can be, despite the size.

In fact, staging is a great way to subtly suggest creative ways to have fun and make use of any type of area that might otherwise appear awkward, clumsy and out of place. After all, seeing is believing! In addition, it allows the homeowners an opportunity to truly highlight and bring to life the potential of working within such an amazing and well-equipped kitchen area. This kind of potent imagery can give buyers the assurance that they need to commit to taking the final step and making a good offer.

Why a Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Staging is not only effective in helping to lock down sales though. It is estimated that sellers who take the time to stage their home can command upwards of six to twenty percent more than they would if they didn’t invest in www. That said, staging is an investment, and not everybody has the time or money to invest in the process in its entirety.

The good news is that even for home sellers on a budget, there are certain elements that they can choose to focus on that will not only incur minimal costs but help to make a big impact in terms of how their real estate in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin comes off to potential buyers.

One of the more subtle crucial elements of staging that sellers might choose to focus on is the quality and color of the interior paint. Choosing the right colors and textures will not only help to offset the best features of the home but make smaller rooms look larger, brighten the look and feel of the entire interior area and help make the entire space look warmer and more inviting.

Of course, homeowners on a budget need not stop here, but it is a good place to start. Realtors in Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin will typically have plenty of budget-friendly suggestions that people can add from here to help make their homes more appealing to potential buyers, like hanging some attractive but low-cost artwork or buying some affordable throw pillows to jazz up a living area. However, having a new paint job will help set the stage for any other adjustments or additions.

Even if homeowners do nothing else other than paint the interior, they will still be assuring potential buyers that they won’t need to worry about painting before they move in. After all, the moving process is stressful enough, and buyers who notice old, dirty or unappealing paint colors are much more likely to pass in favor of a home where they won’t have to worry about taking on the extra burden of painting when they are already busy.

Essential Advice for Painting a Home to Sell

1. Go With a Neutral Color Choice

A new coat of paint can be a smart move for anybody planning on selling their home, but this should definitely be top of the list for any home that is currently rocking any dark, bright or unconventional paint choices.

While this might indeed look fantastic with the current decor scheme, it is also important for people to understand that the average buyer is hardly going to be likely to want to style their new home in the exact same way that it is previously decorated, and will prefer having a color palette in place that will allow them the space and possibility they need to express their own personal style rather than that of the previous homeowners.

This is why Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin realtors will typically recommend that people stick to soft, neutral grey, beige and white tones when painting their home to sell. Indeed, beige tends to be the top choice, but a nice crisp white will go a long way to brightening up a space, especially if it is low on light, and a soft grey tone can add a cool contemporary edge without venturing too far out of the box.

2. Focus on Heavily Trafficked Areas

Running short on time or money? It might be a good idea to skip the bedrooms and focus in heavily trafficked public rooms like the living room, main hallway entrance and kitchen areas. After all, when it comes to Green Bay and N.E. Wisconsin real estate, first impressions really do count and homeowners want to be sure to at least give those rooms that potential buyers are likely to focus in on a fresh, bright coat of paint to help them look cleaner, fresher and move-in ready.

3. Quality First

Anybody trying to stage their home under tight budgetary considerations might be tempted to go for a budget top-coat in favor of a high-quality multi-coat paint job.

Here’s the thing though. When homeowners skimp on quality, potential buyers are probably going to notice, and it will likely end up leaving an overall negative impression in terms of the seller’s intentions. If they see a dark paint has just been covered over with a haphazard top coat, they are not only going to consider the cost of having to redo the paint job but also may doubt the seller’s integrity in terms of more fundamental aspects of the quality of the property itself.

The best solution? Shell out for high-quality paint and get the job done right. Anybody who lacks expertise or time can always hire professional painters. The investment in quality will always pay off. Money can always be saved by focusing on the rooms that are more readily visible to buyers, as suggested above.

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