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Tips to Make a Small Room More Spacious

Many people have small, intimate rooms in their home, but this does not mean these rooms must feel small and cramped. There are many decorative tricks recommended by realtors in Green Bay, WI to make a small room appear far more spacious than it is. These are all easy to apply so that a small room can feel larger in no time.

Choosing the Right Paint Color

The wall color makes a world of difference in a small space. Dark and warm colors can create a wonderful ambiance, but they are not the best choice for a small space as they can create a closed-in feeling. Go for a cool color because these tend to recede and give the illusion of more space. Cool colors like grays, blues, and beige are always a good choice.

Cut Out the Contrast

A room with multiple contrasting elements can create a visually choppy feeling. When a monochromatic color scheme is used, it creates an even flow and a more sleek, open look. For example, if you use a cool beige on the walls, stick with this color for an area rug and the furniture color. Then, choose one more color, such as a cool blue, to accent the furniture with pillows and throws. White can also be added as white tends to be a very open color that goes with everything.

Maximize Natural Light

Natural light is a small space’s best friend. When choosing window coverings, try a sheer white because this will provide privacy while still allowing natural light to filter in. Light-colored panels can also work well because these can be opened to allow in natural light and then closed when privacy is needed. The key is to avoid dark fabrics and heavy drapes.

Using the Right Light

When a space is bright, it appears larger. However, not all lights are created equal. A large hanging light, while it may provide plenty of brightness, can make the ceiling appear lower than it really is. Recessed lighting is always a good choice, as it does not take away any ceiling height. Lamps are also a good choice because they are placed on tables or floors and require no ceiling space. If lamps are used, keep the color scheme in mind when choosing shades.

Cut Out the Clutter

Clutter closes a room and makes it appear smaller than it is. Think about the last time you moved and had boxes everywhere. Everything felt so much bigger once things were put in their place and the boxes were gone. A few decorative objects are a good thing but keep these small and within the color scheme.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors will extend a space while giving the illusion that there is more room than there really is. A medium-sized wall mirror will reflect light, and this will make it seem like extra square footage was magically added. A mirror is also a great decorative choice to put in place of a large painting. Choose one that is silver in color to maintain that cool color scheme.

Use this information to make your smaller rooms feel larger. Realtors in Green Bay, WI can offer further advice to ensure that your rooms feel as spacious as possible.

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